Mermaids of Winter: Omega Et Alpha Dan Glover

ISBN: 9781492241652

Published: August 22nd 2013


268 pages


Mermaids of Winter: Omega Et Alpha  by  Dan Glover

Mermaids of Winter: Omega Et Alpha by Dan Glover
August 22nd 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 268 pages | ISBN: 9781492241652 | 6.23 Mb

When mermaid Lily of mysterious Lake Baikal was first taken captive the scientists who kept her imprisoned and isolated in order to study her had no idea that she held the keys to both immortality and to sudden excruciating death. In this romantic fantasy set in the real world, author Dan Glover leads the reader through a labyrinth of intrigue and deception alternately pulsating between the ending of the present day and its patriarchal attitude of hate and dog-eat-dog competition to the beginning of a future ensconced in a matriarchal world of love, cooperation, and forgiveness.

As Lilys secrets begin to unfold the age-old animosity and deception between the researchers leads inexorably to consequences no one could foresee or forestall. After she makes her escape, the doomsday clock begins ticking down to zero hour as her erstwhile captors race around the world fighting both time and circumstance to recapture Lily before she can unleash the apocalypse upon humanity. While forming allegiances with both human and mermaid allies, Lily seeks to avoid the traps set for her while attempting to make her way home first to Lake Baikal and later to a castle in the south of Scotland.

Will Lily survive the challenges of a changing world, or will she succumb to the finality of extinction facing the rest of her species?

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