The Auschwitz Poems Lily Brett

ISBN: 9780908011100


139 pages


The Auschwitz Poems  by  Lily Brett

The Auschwitz Poems by Lily Brett
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Harrowing and powerful. I came across this book randomly in my uni library and just had to pick it up because of the title. It is one of the simplest books to read but also the hardest. Some of the images make you cringe, and Im a 22 year old male. The beauty of this book is not just the description of life in the concentration camps, but also life after it, as an immigrant in an indifferent Australia. Bretts family tried to maintain a face of normality despite the hanuntings of their experiences beneath the surfaces of their actions.

But the one thing that strikes me most is her depiction of the Sonderkommandos, prisoners who were employed to do the killings of other prisoners, but after three months will be replaced, as one poem describes:ThefirstjobofeverySonderkommandounitwastokilltheunittheywerereplacingtheunittheywerereplacingmostlywentwillingly.

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