The Lost City of Barakus Bill Webb


Published: 2014


174 pages


The Lost City of Barakus  by  Bill Webb

The Lost City of Barakus by Bill Webb
2014 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 174 pages | ISBN: | 6.63 Mb

The Lost City of Barakus, designed to take characters from 1st to 5th or 6th level (or higher), is as much of a campaign setting as an adventure. Detailed within these pages is the great, bustling metropolis of Endhome, the Penprie Forest and Duskmoon Hills located north of that city, and, finally, the huge dungeon that is the Lost City of Barakus. Within all these areas are many adventures, NPCs, and locations for the party to explore, interact with and conquer. How and in what order the party chooses to take on the various challenges before them is entirely yours (the GM’s) and the players’ choice.Though given specific location names, the adventure herein could easily be modified to fit in any campaign world.

As always, change, add, modify, delete and alter as necessary to meet the needs and desires of you and your gaming group.

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