A Psychoanalysts Quest Richard C. Robertiello

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A Psychoanalysts Quest  by  Richard C. Robertiello

A Psychoanalysts Quest by Richard C. Robertiello
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I purchased this book from a second hand book store many years ago. It had no dust jacket and thus no blurb to tell me what wisdom might lay within. The title caught my eye and possibly the first couple of sentences of the introduction which read I think it is important to distinguish between theory and technique in psychoanalysis. Even though I have broken almost every possible rule of technique that has been laid down by followers of Freud in America, I am a strong believer in theory.

I could find no reviews to spur my reading so the book sat idle on my book shelf, I regret now, for too long. Upon reading Roberteillos book I was moved to contact him to let him know how much I enjoyed A Psychoanalysts Quest. My search for him proved fruitless and sadly I have now learned that Roberteillo passed away in 2002.Roberteillos book details his development as a psychoanalyst, starting with important influences in his infancy that were to be the source of his own conflicts- he then goes on to describe his early residency and his numerous and varied experiences of analyses that were to shape his own style of working with patients.

Roberteillo felt very strongly that analysts should respond to their patients as authentic human beings- he offers some interesting discussion on the analysts couch creating a barrier to this. Many would argue that Roberteillo gave too much of himself to his patients- certainly he acknowledges his own needs to compete with his father, to be the better doctor. Clearly some of the ways that Roberteillo worked will not sit well with everyone- we take comfort in our boundaries that were instilled in us throughout our training. Roberteillo wanted us to question for whos benefit are these boundaries or rigid rules really for, the patient or the analyst?

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