Cocoon: Der Roman Zum Phantastischen Filmabenteuer David Saperstein

ISBN: 9783404130429

Published: 1985

218 pages


Cocoon: Der Roman Zum Phantastischen Filmabenteuer  by  David Saperstein

Cocoon: Der Roman Zum Phantastischen Filmabenteuer by David Saperstein
1985 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 218 pages | ISBN: 9783404130429 | 5.35 Mb

Youve got to love a book that came out as an accompaniment to a movie...Actually, this book was better than I thought. I havent yet seen the movie, so I had only vague recollections of movie previews from the 80s to go on for what to expect. In a nutshell, aliens come back to earth to harvest some of their own that they had buried in the ocean off the coast of Florida hundreds of years ago.

They need a place to do this work so they purchase a retirement community that is under construction. The equipment necessary to resuscitate their people is happened upon by residents of the community. Thinking its a health club, they use the equipment with interesting results.The premise is great, the story kept moving along, you didnt have to think other words, its a great beach blanket book. I was disappointed with the ending -- it was as if all desire to describe what was happening in any sort of detail left the writer.

While it seemed appropriate to brush over some of the finer details of how this adventure would wrap up, it seemed more like movie notes. This is a book, and without the benefit of the visual suggestion that comes naturally in a movie, it becomes really easy to lose the reader in vagueness.If youre looking for an easy read that is entertaining, this is your book.

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