Scotch Tape World Tom C. Hunley

ISBN: 9781936628209

Published: September 1st 2013


33 pages


Scotch Tape World  by  Tom C. Hunley

Scotch Tape World by Tom C. Hunley
September 1st 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 33 pages | ISBN: 9781936628209 | 8.19 Mb

What can you expect from a collection of poetry entitled Scotch Tape World? If the authors name is Tom C.Hunley, you can expect to be made to laugh and think at the same time.And this is not the combination that will kill you. That combination, a little bawdy to quote, may have originated with William Blake, but even then it wasnt fatal.Hunleys poems are whimsically serious, meant to make us reconsider the stuff we take for granted.

(Or granite if youre a college freshman.) To look at language outside the box, to ring in another cliche.The titles alone are tantalizing. At the Afterlife Bar and Grill where We never could see / the great Godzilla, but something smelled awful / and our friends kept getting stepped on. First you chuckle, then you identify.In Self-Portrait as a Childs Stick Figure Drawing on a Refrigerator, were told Often I feel sketchy like that, as if all the wrong colors / spill over my faint lines and anyone could cross me out / just like that.Yes!Hunleys line is long and talky but so full of invention that they never become slow or bogged down by their own weight.

I find poems like Scotch Tape World difficult to quote because theres no place I want to stop. But Ill try. . . Its time [my children] learnthat life is like that, that Disney liesin the way of a true education. Godnever lies, but Hes still in trouble.I can never resist a pun, and those line breaks are hilarious and true.On the cover blurb, Shane McCrae saysThese poems manage to be funny without being cynical, and they manage to be honest without being cynical, and they manage to seem utterly contemporary without being cynical, and each of these achievements is a small miracle and almost an act of defiance.I couldnt have said it better myself

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